Travel Diaries: Las Vegas, Nevada

Travel Diaries: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is a place that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life, and with that in mind, I visited the City of Sin last month!  It was only two and half days–some of it was a blur, and the rest, well it was unforgettable!  Here’s a rundown of what I did, what I liked (and didn’t)!


Palazzo Exterior Shot

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I stayed at the Palazzo Hotel, which is located on the Vegas Strip. The Palazzo is actually connected to the Venetian Hotel. You can walk through the Palazzo casino and end up in the Venetian, which was really convenient because it was 115 degrees F and I didn’t really want to be outside.  There are shops and restaurants within the Venetian, so there really is no reason  to leave the two hotels.  The room was clean and perfect to crash at in the early morning hours lol.  Everyone was helpful and I felt very safe there.

We drove from Los Angeles to Vegas, which was about a 6 hour drive because of traffic.  It was so hot and uncomfortable–next time I’m definitely going to fly there.


Tao NightClub

3377 South Las Vegas Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(Inside Venetian Hotel)

The first night in Vegas we spent at Tao Nightclub. It’s everything you imagine Vegas to be–crowded, crazy and loud.  Tao is not just a nightclub, there’s also a Tao Beach, and a restaurant.  Tao is located inside the Venetian.

About the nightclub: There was no room to dance and it was really dark inside.  The music was amazing, I think Major Lazer was there.  The one thing that really bugged me was that the bathrooms were upstairs and it was so dark in there so no makeup touch ups :).  Otherwise it was so much fun!

Tao Beach

3377 South Las Vegas Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(in Venetian Hotel, above Tao Nightclub)

Tao Beach Las Vegas

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Saturday afternoon was hot, I think it was 116 degrees F and we all wanted to try out Tao Beach.  I definitely regret that decision.  It was completely and utterly packed.  You have to come early to get an umbrella to sit under.  We didn’t go early and I never felt more unforgettably hot than that day.  We stood in the direct sun and I could literally feel myself being sunburned within a few minutes.  I was sweating profusely and I didn’t want to go swimming.  There were hundreds of people in the water and everyone was drinking.  I couldn’t imagine drinking when it was so hot outside so after 15 minutes, I left to go inside the air conditioned hotel.  But my friends that stayed had a great time with the music and drinking, so if you don’t mind being in direct desert sun, you should check it out.

XS NightClub in Wynn Hotel

3121 South Las Vegas Boulevard,
Las Vegas, NV 89109

It was so smokey at XS, and I know that it’s allowed and everything, but as a non-smoker, it was really, really strong.  It was really crowded and most people were just standing in groups talking and drinking. Kaskade was there DJing, and I loved the music.  Justin Bieber was actually there too so everyone was trying to get to closer to him. It’s an outdoor club so it was really warm outside.  I was sweating and I was literally wishing for air conditioning.

What I ate:

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

3200 Las Vegas Blvd space Ste. 1540
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Grimaldi's Pizzeria Las Vegas

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is amazing!  My sister and I ordered a small pizza with bell peppers and tomatoes–I took the cheese off of my mine, which wasn’t that hard, because it only had a small amount of cheese.  The pizza was delicious!  The crust and sauce tasted amazing!  We got a small side salad–the Mediterean without cheese and dressing of the side.  This is a great spot if you want to do a quick sit down or if you want to grab it and eat at the hotel.


The Venetian
Venezia Tower
Accessible via Guest Elevators, Level 10

Bouchon Las Vegas

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Wow this place is a must!  Bouchon is a French restaurant on the tenth floor of the Venetian Hotel. It’s a bit of a trek to get there but you won’t regret it.  They have breakfast, brunch, dinner so you can choose which meal you want to indulge in.  Yes it’s pricier but it’s worth it.  They have the yummiest pastries and sweets so if you’re like me and you love the sweeter items, you won’t regret it. I had oatmeal with coffee and fruit. The oatmeal was water based and I had soy milk with my coffee–both vegan.  Their salads looked good–next time I’m there I’m going to try it. Just make sure you check the website that it’s open when you’re going. They close between breakfast, brunch and dinner so check before heading that way.

Juice Farm

First floor (by casinos) of The Palazzo and Venetian

Palazzo location:

3325 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

Venetian location:

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

There are two locations, one in the Venetian and the other the Palazzo.  All of their items are organic.  They have juices, smoothies, salads and acai bowls.  They also have shots of wheatgrass, etc.  We got smoothies there–and they were really refreshing. It’s right by the casino, which is kinda funny when you think about it.  I felt like I needed some veggies and fruit and luckily there were two Juice Farms.  The food options in Vegas aren’t always the healthiest so it’s nice to know there is an organic juice/smoothie shop.  The only downside is that it’s really pricey, like $12 for a smoothie. but it is organic and you are in the middle of the Vegas strip, so I’d still recommend it.

Hopefully this is helpful.  If I did my Vegas trip again, I would probably bring more healthy foods with me.  The restaurants there don’t really have any healthy or vegan options so finding something to eat was difficult.  Everything is pricey in Vegas so be ready for that.  An iced coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was about $5.

Overall, it was a fun, but brief trip.  People always say you got to do Vegas at least once when you’re young, and I’m glad I did.



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