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The Power of Ginger


One of quickest ways to get rid of a stomachache, bloating, and nausea is to use ginger.  Ginger root is commonly used in Asian cuisine, but it yields a lot of health benefits.  You can purchase fresh ginger root year round in the produce section.  It’s delicious in stir fry as well, but another benefit of ginger is to eliminate gastrointestinal distress.  It can prevent motion sickness, seasickness and is also effective in providing relief of vomiting and nausea, especially in pregnant women.  Throw some fresh ginger in the blender, or have a cup of ginger tea.  It give some spice and heat to a green juice–which I like.  Be aware though that a little ginger goes a long way–only a small dose is needed to help aide in tummy trouble.  Cut one or two 1/2 inch slices of ginger and add to hot water to make some ginger tea (or buy already prepared ginger tea).

Ginger root is also beneficial for detoxification as well as an immune booster.Ginger is made up of gingerols, which are anti-inflammatory compounds, and is believed to help with arthritis-related pain.  It may also protect against cancer by inhibiting the growth of human colorectal cancer cells and kill ovarian cancer cells.

Next time you have a stomachache, try some ginger to help settle your stomach.


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