The Chicest Way to Wear a Crop Top With Trousers!

The Chicest Way to Wear a Crop Top With Trousers!

I love how versatile crop tops are–you can dress them up or down, show a hint of skin or more, depending on what you pair it with.  On the other hand, I love trousers because to me, it screams fancy!

When you put the two together, it’s pretty much magic in my opinion.  But there is a way to make the combo look even more amazing–by keeping your outfit monochrome!  You can wear this look on a date, a party, a night out or a day out with the girls.  When you do that, you are upping the elegance factor and it makes you look so put together.

For this monochrome look, simplicity is key, aka don’t put too many pieces of jewelry on.  Instead, choose one statement accessory and don’t add anything else. Take a look at three ways to style trousers and a crop top in the chicest way ever!

1. Baggy Trousers X Arm Candy

Sarah Hyland decided to wear all red, a bold choice, but super sexy.  Out of the three looks, this one shows the most midriff, but she perfectly balanced it by choosing baggy trousers.  The bottoms are so baggy that it almost looks like a skirt but note that the waist is still fitted.  She paired it with a strappy crop top and a gold arm band.  Her makeup is minimal, because her outfit color is so bold.  Make sure to keep your makeup like Sarah–neutral and light–because red is so loud!

Sarah Hyland Red Crop Top Trousers Date Night Ideas Style

2. Cropped Tube Top X Choker

Jamie Chung wore an all black outfit but decided to show off her shoulders and clavicle by wearing a cropped tube top. She’s only showing a hint of midriff, which is just the right amount to break up the all black look.   She added a gold choker and red lips to brighten the look.  It’s important to pull your hair back so that you can show off your arms/shoulder and not weigh the look down.

Jamie Chung Black Crop Top Tube Trousers Simple Date Night Style

3. Shades of Neutral

Kim Kardashian transformed cream colored trousers with a drop waist into such a must have piece! The loose fitting pants are about a shade lighter than her sexy wrap crop top she paired it with. Add in cream colored heels and a silver necklace to complete the look.  Kim also kept her makeup to a minimum and had her hair down with just a few waves.  While the top is revealing, it works well with the loose bottoms, resulting in a feminine, sexy yet still elegant look.

Kim Kardashian Cream Crop Top Trousers Neutrals Date Night Style

Which monochrome crop top and trouser pairing is your favorite?  Let me know!



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