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Trend Alert: Baseball Caps


Baseball caps are one of my favorite trends this year because it gives an urban feel to any look and it instantly makes your outfit look effortlessly cool.  You can wear it with a dress, jeans and a t-shirt or a jumpsuit – the options are endless. Check out four ways to wear a baseball hat!


One of the easiest ways to style a baseball cap is to pair it with leggings and a crop top. The leggings + crop top combo is an understated sexy – as long as you keep the bottoms high waisted. Kourtney Kardashian wore a matching set with a leather baseball cap in black, finishing it off with a denim jacket. The denim is a great way to break up all the black and also add texture.

Kylie wore a white leather baseball cap with a matching hued crop top and black bottoms. The black X white color scheme is classic and will never go out of style. Both ladies kept it casual in sneakers but you could definitely swap them out for heels and wear this look in the evening as well.

Kourtney kardashian black baseball hat denim jacket leggings

kylie jenner white hat ootd

2. Dress X Heels

Rihanna looked amazing in her silky dress, heels and baseball cap! She pulled her hair back into a bun beneath the hat, showing off her décolletage.  The cap adds that nice touch of edge to the fancy pieces.  This look is sexy and so chic.  The hat gives the outfit a bit of mystery while balancing out the pieces.

rihanna baseball cap dress

3. Black X Gold

I love wearing Nike/Adidas/Puma hats – they aren’t ‘trendy’ hats — trendy hats usually go out of style in a few months. Nike/Adidas/Puma hats are classic pieces -something every girl should have.  I love adding that sporty/urban element to my looks because I feel like it gives me more confidence and sass.

For this look, wear all black with gold accessories, and add a cream hued baseball cap.  Black with gold jewelry always looks good together – they balance each other out.  The red nails and lips make the look more glam – it will definitely turn heads.  Each part of this ensemble is a classic look on its own and so when you put them together, it just works!

baseball hat red nails gold lotd

4. Denim X Denim

I have so many hats from my favorite sports teams. I used to only wear them when I went to the gym.  These days, my sports hat serve as the finishing touch to my outfits.  Kendall Jenner wore a chambray top tucked into jeans for a causal but streamlined daytime ensemble.  She added a NY Yankees hat, which made the look less preppy and more effortlessly cool.

kendall jenner ny baseball hat denim ootd

Where To Buy: has faux leather baseball caps in white, black, blush, nude, grey and taupe for $14.99 each. has a hat that says ‘Girls Tour’ – it’s so dope – it comes in black or pink for $25 each.

Adidas/Nike/Team hats: I personally like to buy mine on – there’s a huge selection  of colors/styles. I ordered one recently and will be getting it this week – I’ll post it on my instagram @thelifestylereporter when I it arrives.

Photo credit: All pictures from Pinterest.

The Hottest Shoe Trend of Summer!


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to only wear sandals or open toed shoes.  It’s actually more fun to wear non-sandals during the hot months!  Yes, it might get a little sweaty or warm when your foot is in a sock, but hey, it does look good.  Boots, tennis shoes and thigh highs–aka wearing closed toed shoes–is the hottest trend this summer.  So put away your sandals, and check out 5 ways to wear your closed-toed shoes year round!

1) Combat Boots

Kylie Jenner blew me away with her Coachella outfits and teal hair, but I think my favorite part was the boots–she rocked cream colored Timberland boots.  In the below picture, Kylie was out and about in LA after Coachella and decided to rock a skintight dress, baggy coat, baseball cap, and her Timbs.  The Timbs provide that perfect touch of edge to her look.

In the second photo, Kylie wore her Timbs to Coachella, pairing it with white hot shorts, acrop top, long vest and a baseball cap.  Like the first look, the outfit is super simple, and the boots give a rough vibe to it.  If she wore it with sandals or heels, it would be too feminine and soft–the boots toughen up the whole look.

Kylie Jenner Timberlands Beige Baseball Cap Style

Kylie Jenner Coachella 2015 Timberland Style

2) Thigh Highs

Chrissy Teigen wore thigh high boots with a gray tank, denim shorts and a black handbag.  The shorts and tank are really simple, but when you add the thigh high boots, it makes the wholesome look more sexy and more nighttime fancy.  The thigh highs will literally take any shorts and tank combo and make it sexier and so chic.

Chrissy Teigen Denim Shorts High Boots T-Shirt Model Style

Selena Gomez’ outfit is similar to Chrissy’s–except the top is 3/4 sleeves and she chose a bib necklace and black thigh highs.  Tucking in her shirt is not only figure flattering, but it shows off the shorts.  She left the back part of the shirt untucked, which gives some coverage, but it adds that effortlessly cool touch to it.

Selena Gomez Thigh Highs Gray Top Denim Shorts style

3) Sneakers

Rihanna styled the perfect outfit for a night out if you don’t want to wear heels.  She wore her Nike sneakers with a white bodysuit, denim shorts, red lips and a baseball cap.  She also added a printed backpack, a bodychain, bracelets, a choker and really large hoops.  The key to this look is adding a lot of accessories, like RiRi, and the bold red lip–that’s what will take the sneakers to nighttime chic.

Rihanna White Bodysuit Denim Shorts Nike Sneakers Style

4) Booties

Candice Swanepoel’s outfit is so on point–from her white tank, to her western belt and white wash denim shorts.  The black handbag and snakeskin patterned booties make it such an edgy, fun look.  The booties provide a nice pattern, while the black bag and belt balance out the light top and jeans.  Perfect for a day out of shopping, a date, or school.

Candice Swanepoel White Shirt Denim Shorts Booties Model Style

In the next photo, Vanessa Hudgens was photographed wearing overalls, a black crop top and baseball cap and studded booties.  Overalls can be toughened up by incorporating a lot of black.  The crop top shows some skin, which makes it sexier than your average overall get up, while the edge is introduced through the boots and hat.

Vanessa Hudgens Denim Overalls Black Crop Top Boots Booties Style


So next time you’re heading out the door in shorts and tank, instead of reaching for sandals or flip flops, pull out your boots or sneakers to change up your look.  These shoes will always make your look sexy yet still so chic!  Let me know which look you like best!



Rihanna Stuns on Harper’s Bazaar March 2015 Cover

Rihanna Harpers Bazaar March 2015 Balmain Jumpsuit Cover

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s BAZAAR

2015 is all about Rihanna. Not only does she have a hit song, “FourFive Seconds,” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and an upcoming new album, she is also the new cover girl for Harper Bazaar’s March 2015 issue.

The singer looks absolutely stunning on the cover wearing a Balmain jumpsuit, Van Cleef & Arpels earrings, and a Jacquie Aiche bodychain.

The subscriber cover shows Rihanna inside an open mouth of a shark (she was photoshopped inside it), wearing Chanel swimsuit and Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos. The water theme continues inside the mag, where she in shown wearing designer bathing suits, including Mugler, Burberry and Gottex.

Harpers Bazaar Shark Photo Rihanna March 2015

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s BAZAAR


In the interview, Rihanna talks about how in life she avoids real life sharks: “I try my best to avoid the sharks of life, but I have had my share of experiences with them, and in those cases I just have to handle them accordingly. But I do not swim with sharks…sharks swim with sharks.”

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s BAZAAR

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s BAZAAR

The photo shoot took place at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida, and in one photo, Rihanna is seen swimming in a tank with sand tiger sharks.

RiRi always reveals her perfect day: “The day I wake up without cellulite? Now that would be the perfect day.”

Her goal this year in life and love: “The same goal I set every year–to be happy.”

Check out the Harper’s Bazaar interview here!

Make sure to pick the issue beginning on February 17th.

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The Best Way to Change Your Hair For Fall/Winter!


When the season starts changing from hot to cold, I always have the desire to change my hair.  For some reason, for me, the two things go hand in hand.  If you’re like me and you don’t want to cut or color your hair, the best way to change your hair for fall and winter is to get bangs!

You can get bangs cut above the brows like Lily Aldridge on the cover of S Moda magazine, or you can get longer bangers that hit you below the eye, like Rihanna.  Rihanna also rocked the shorter bangs like Lily a couple of years ago when she was a blonde and it looked amazing!  While I like both looks a lot, I really love Rihanna’s because you don’t have to fully commit to bangs–if you feel like having bangs, you can have them showing, but if not, tuck behind the ears and no one would know.

Lily Aldridge Bangs

Rihanna Scandal Guest Star

Close Up of Rihanna Bangs Mac Event

Rihanna Blonde Bangs DoSo if you have that need to change up your look, take the leap and get bangs! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

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5 Items You Need In Your Closet This Fall


I love fall because it makes me think of the holidays, hot chocolate and Christmas films :).  Butit also makes me think of changing up my outfit for the cooler weather.  Now that it’s November, it’s time to  update the closet, and here are the top five items that need to be there ASAP!

1. Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Top

I know the title is a mouthful but the hottest top for fall is a sleeveless high neck sweater crop top.  I’ve been seeing this specific look pop up at several stores. I love these Chanel ones below but if you’re like me and on a budget, check out what I found for only $17.90 at Forever 21.  This type of top is great paired with a fitted skirt or high waisted denim.

Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Tops Chanel

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

2. Chokers

Chokers are a simple way to jazz up an outfit and it can make any look chic and badass.  It’s also very versatile.  Miranda Kerr wore a gold choker with just jeans and a t-shirt, but it add a very high-fashion element.  On the other hand, Rihanna chose a silver choker to give her outfit a more edgy touch, and it works. This is something that will always be in style!

Miranda Kerr Simple White T Shirt Black Lace Bra Black Jeans Boots Hermes Birkin Bag Purse Gold Choker Necklace The Lifestyle ReporterRihanna Choker 3. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are hot and they look so freakin cool!  This is a definite must have–it gives you an edgy vibe, no matter what you pair with it.  You could wear ripped jeans with a blouse and blazer and it still gives off that cool vibe.  I like how Kylie Jenner styled her ripped jeans below–with a silky tank.  When purchasing ripped jeans, remember you don’t have to choose a really ripped denim like Kylie, it can be only minimally ripped, i.e. at the knees.  Just choose one that you feel comfortable in and have fun styling them!

Kylie Jenner Ripped Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter 4. Bodysuits

Kim Kardashian is the queen of bodysuits and this is a trend worth trying! A bodysuit is a great way to not only look slimmer, but it is very form flattering for all different body shapes. Bodysuits can come in a variety of styles—there’s the lace/mesh ones, or the turtleneck bodysuits that cover your neck and arms. Bodysuits are a great investment item because there are many different ways of wearing them—with jeans, a pencil skirt or trousers.   If you are hesitant to purchase one, try getting a simple black bodysuit. Forever 21 has a great one for only $7.80!! American Apparel and Nasty Gal has some great choices for bodysuits.

Kim Kardashian pink bodysuit nude skirt the lifestyle reporter

Kim Kardashian white long sleeve bodysuit jeans the lifestyle reporter

5) Faux Fur Coats and Vests

Faux fur coats and vests are THE pieces to add to your closet.  Not only are faux furs cruelty free, they will keep you warm in the colder months.  You can get them in many different cuts and patterns but the great thing about faux fur coats/vests is that they go with everything.  Lily Collins wore a faux fur minkpink coat and it looks amazing!  Try a black or white faux fur, but, if you’re feeling bold, I would suggest a faux fur leopard print coat–they are gorgeous!!  I love the faux fur coats/vests at Missguided so be sure to check them out.

Lily Collins Faux Fur Coat Minkpink The Lifestyle Reporter

Which item is your favorite for fall/winter?  Share your thoughts below!






How to Look Chic in a Jersey


Sports jerseys are quickly becoming high fashion must have pieces, and there are so many different ways to wear them!  Whether or not you love sports, the piece makes any outfit look cool and chic.  To get inspired to sport a more athletic top, check out three ways you can style a sports jersey.  Remember, you could get the real deal and get a true sports jersey of your favorite team/player or you get purchase pieces that look are jersey inspired!

1)  Choose a cropped version and pair it with leather:

Jourdan Dunn looks absolutely amazing in her Dimepiece LA cropped jersey top, leather pants and heels.  This is a great night out look!  You don’t have to get this exact top of course, just pick a jersey-type cropped top to give it the edgy, sexy vibe like Jourdan’s.

Jourdan Dunn Dimepiece Jersey The Lifestyle Reporter

2) Pick an oversized sweater inspired jersey and accessorize it!

Rihanna chose a sweater version; and she made sure to get one that’s oversized.  She paired it with a pair of jeans but added a lot of accessories that complemented it perfectly!  Don’t be shy about adding as many accessories as you feel comfortable–add a cool looking choker, multiple rings and bracelets.  Add the red lips and voila–athletic with an urban twist!

Rihanna Jersey Top Black Hair Blue Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter

3) Wear an oversized jersey as a dress!

Now this look is everything!  Alexandra Spencer (from picked an oversized jersey and wore it as a dress.  She added some stilettos, a clutch, and some chic sunglasses for a high fashion take on athletic gear.  Even though she’s wearing a Celine jersey, this can be any jersey, just make sure it’s long and loose enough!

Alexander Spencer Jersey Celinw The Lifestyle Reporter


Which look is your favorite?  Share your thoughts below!



Trend Alert: Duster Coats!


I absolutely adore duster coats!  They are so chic and are quickly becoming popular.  Duster coats are otherwise known as really long jackets 🙂 .  You can get a thin duster coat or a really, thick one for a cool night.  Duster coats are coming back in style–they used to be popular in the 1920s, and women wore them to guard against wind while in an open car.  These days, a duster coat is the perfect addition to give your outfit a sophisticated vibe.  Now that fall is fully in effect, instead of wearing long pants and long sleeve tops, finish off your shorts and crop top with a duster coat–not only is it trendy, it will keep you warm and covered.  Take a look at three different, but equally gorgeous ways to wear a duster coat.

Kylie Jenner’s Bohemian OOTN:

Kylie styled her pale blue duster coat with an all white romper, nude hat, fringe bag and cream colored stilettos.  She kept the color palette of her outfit neutral, opting to add a pop of color with that gorgeous silky coat.  To make the look edgy, try incorporating accessories like Kylie that show your personality–it can change the look completely!

Rihanna’s Casual OOTD:

Let’s face it.  Rihanna can honestly do no wrong!  For this OOTD, she took a patterned duster coat that looks very Coachella-esque and made it work!  RiRi wore simple denim shorts, patterned crop top and red lips with her long jacket.  This is definitely a different look but it works!  You don’t have to wear a duster coat a certain way and RiRi shows us how you can make it funky yet still so chic.

Rihanna Long Shirt Crop Top Jeans Black Hair The Lifestyle Reporter

Kim Kardashian’s Sydney Look:

When Kim visited Sydney, Australia for her hubby’s tour, she rocked a beautiful pastel pink duster coat with a white crop top and pencil skirt.  She finished it off with nude heels and sunglasses.  The duster coat really adds a chic element to the look.  The color is perfect–it can honestly go with anything.  Kim keeps the look look neutral by wearing all white and uses the pink to give the look some nice dimension.  If you don’t want to show a lot of skin, this is a great option.







Back of Kim's Pastel Duster


Which one is your favorite look?  Share your thoughts below!



Three New Ways to Rock a Beanie


Now that fall is around the corner, it’s time to dress for the cooler weather.  Take a cue from these gorgeous ladies and make beanies a staple in your wardrobe.

1) Make Your Beanie the Pop of Color

Cara Delevingne knows how to make a statement, and in this case, it’s her bright red beanie.  It’s loud and draws your eyes immediately!  She keeps the rest of her outfit simple: black leather jacket and boots, white t-shirt and jeans.  Choose a bright-colored beanie to spice up your OOTD and it will be an attention grabber.

Cara Delevingne Street Style Red Beanie Black Jacket White Shirt Blue Jeans Model Supermodel The Lifestyle Reporter


2) Wear Your Beanie With a Dress and Coat

Jourdan Dunn styles her dress and winter coat right, wearing a black beanie and some flat boots to toughen it up.  The beanie gives her feminine dress an urban twist and the results are flawless!

Jourdan Dunn Dress With Boots Summer Fall Look The Lifestyle Reporter'

If you’re aiming for a more feminine look, wear a black beanie with a matching lace dress. Just add a coat plus flat boots.  The lace peeking out from under the coat give a feminine vibe but the beanie and boots keep the look from looking too sweet.  Not sure who the model is, found it on tumblr 🙂

Black Beanie Gray Jacket Lace Boots

3) Compliment Your Beanie With Red Lips

Rihanna chose a gray beanie to go with a white crop top, leather skirt and sneakers.  If she chose a black colored beanie, the look would have been more goth glam but the gray gives the outfit a relaxed, cool vibe that tones down the otherwise risque outfit.  She adds the perfect touch–red lips.  Red lips means glamour and that’s what we see!  Add red lips to chic up any beanie outfit!  Perfection!

Rihanna Beanie Summer Glam Gray Crop Top The Lifestyle ReporterWhat do you think of beanies?  Share below!