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Trend Alert: Chokers


Chokers are one of those accessories that will always add that sexy factor.  It can take a polished look and make it instantly effortless and edgy. You can go simple with a black ribbon-style choker or go all out with a blinged out version.  This type of necklace is definitely a nod to the 1990’s but over 25 years later, it’s still a must have piece for any girl’s jewelry box. Check  out five ways to style a choker!

1.Black X White X Gold

Miranda Kerr wowed while at LAX airport last week, pairing a gold studded black and white choker with a dark hued bomber jacket, white crop top and cream colored high-waisted leggings.  She added black pointed boots, a large bag and vintage style sunglasses.  The choker took the neutral toned look and added a nice metallic detail.  The colors of the necklace also tie in the white, cream and black of the outfit perfectly!

Miranda Kerr Suede Leggings White Top Choker

Source: FameFlynet Pictures)

2) A Simple Black Choker

Gigi Hadid wore a black ribbon-like choker while out and about in West Hollywood with Zayn Malik.  This is a great way to add an edgy touch in the simplest way–she styled the choker with a black velvet crop top, a leather jacket and high waisted jeans.  This look is so effortlessly cool and so easy to recreate!  Make sure to pull your hair back into a low bun so you can show off the choker!

gigi hadid choker crop top jeans

3) Charm + Choker

Cara Delevingne styled a choker with a large sparkling charm, giving the whole look a pop! This choker is great for adding a unique touch to an all black look and is something that will draw a lot of attention to your décolletage. The slightly off center look is also a good way to make the necklace less formal, perfectly paired with a high bun and red lips.

Cara Delevingne Choker Black Dress

4) Bandanna Choker

Kylie Jenner added a bandanna to her night out look, pairing it with a black dress, a leather bomber jacket and lace up heels.  She took a folded bandanna and tied it around her neck–adding a cool girl touch to the ensemble.  It can even be done with colorful scarves if you don’t have a bandanna, just fold it diagonal and then fold it over until it becomes the width you want it to be.  This look is great if you want it to look edgy but not vampy.

Kylie Jenner Bandanna necklace all black dress bomber jacket

Close up of Kylie Jenner bandana choker black bomber

5) Tie it up

I love the way Gigi styles her chokers–it always looks so effortless. The blonde beauty is wearing a rope-style necklace–meaning it looks like several chokers layered  on top of each other. She added the light blue choker to a white top and duster coat with leather leggings. The light color is a great way to add a sexy touch to a look without making it vampy.  Instead this is an airy, posh look that can add a nice detail to a look. The light color is a nice change and pairs perfectly with the white top and jacket.

Gigi Hadid White Choker Look

Which type of choker is your favorite?

Sarah xx


5 Items You Need In Your Closet This Fall


I love fall because it makes me think of the holidays, hot chocolate and Christmas films :).  Butit also makes me think of changing up my outfit for the cooler weather.  Now that it’s November, it’s time to  update the closet, and here are the top five items that need to be there ASAP!

1. Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Top

I know the title is a mouthful but the hottest top for fall is a sleeveless high neck sweater crop top.  I’ve been seeing this specific look pop up at several stores. I love these Chanel ones below but if you’re like me and on a budget, check out what I found for only $17.90 at Forever 21.  This type of top is great paired with a fitted skirt or high waisted denim.

Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Tops Chanel

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

2. Chokers

Chokers are a simple way to jazz up an outfit and it can make any look chic and badass.  It’s also very versatile.  Miranda Kerr wore a gold choker with just jeans and a t-shirt, but it add a very high-fashion element.  On the other hand, Rihanna chose a silver choker to give her outfit a more edgy touch, and it works. This is something that will always be in style!

Miranda Kerr Simple White T Shirt Black Lace Bra Black Jeans Boots Hermes Birkin Bag Purse Gold Choker Necklace The Lifestyle ReporterRihanna Choker 3. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are hot and they look so freakin cool!  This is a definite must have–it gives you an edgy vibe, no matter what you pair with it.  You could wear ripped jeans with a blouse and blazer and it still gives off that cool vibe.  I like how Kylie Jenner styled her ripped jeans below–with a silky tank.  When purchasing ripped jeans, remember you don’t have to choose a really ripped denim like Kylie, it can be only minimally ripped, i.e. at the knees.  Just choose one that you feel comfortable in and have fun styling them!

Kylie Jenner Ripped Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter 4. Bodysuits

Kim Kardashian is the queen of bodysuits and this is a trend worth trying! A bodysuit is a great way to not only look slimmer, but it is very form flattering for all different body shapes. Bodysuits can come in a variety of styles—there’s the lace/mesh ones, or the turtleneck bodysuits that cover your neck and arms. Bodysuits are a great investment item because there are many different ways of wearing them—with jeans, a pencil skirt or trousers.   If you are hesitant to purchase one, try getting a simple black bodysuit. Forever 21 has a great one for only $7.80!! American Apparel and Nasty Gal has some great choices for bodysuits.

Kim Kardashian pink bodysuit nude skirt the lifestyle reporter

Kim Kardashian white long sleeve bodysuit jeans the lifestyle reporter

5) Faux Fur Coats and Vests

Faux fur coats and vests are THE pieces to add to your closet.  Not only are faux furs cruelty free, they will keep you warm in the colder months.  You can get them in many different cuts and patterns but the great thing about faux fur coats/vests is that they go with everything.  Lily Collins wore a faux fur minkpink coat and it looks amazing!  Try a black or white faux fur, but, if you’re feeling bold, I would suggest a faux fur leopard print coat–they are gorgeous!!  I love the faux fur coats/vests at Missguided so be sure to check them out.

Lily Collins Faux Fur Coat Minkpink The Lifestyle Reporter

Which item is your favorite for fall/winter?  Share your thoughts below!






Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel is one of my favorite supermodels!  Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also an animal lover and isn’t afraid of pushing the envelope when choosing her wardrobe.  She is a fan of the nineties (me too!) but she also embraces the inner flower child as well.  That’s what I like about her–she doesn’t conform to a certain style or trend–she wears what she feels like, and it always looks so good!  Take a look below to find out six style tricks from Candice Swanepoel:

1. Wear a colorful, patterned dress:  Candice isn’t afraid of patterns and this dress is absolutely beautiful.  Her hippie chic outfit is the perfect look for a day out, and she tops it with a simple choker that is the perfect accessory for her long dress. She added some retro style Ray Bans and voila, the perfect flower child OOTD.  Choose a dress with a 1970s vibe like this–the floral and colorful pattern is very hippie.  Her dress is the Free People Novella Royale MIdnight Rambler Dress and it’s $176.

Candice Swanpoel Tribal Floral Dress The Lifestyle Reporter

2. Add flannel to your outfit:

Candice loves flannel–she not only pairs it with jeans, she also adds it to casual day dresses.  She definitely loves the nineties style, and she incorporates it with any look just by adding flannel.  Make sure to invest in a choker and combat boots and you’re good to go.  I chose two different flannel looks Candice sported because I wanted to show the versatility of the look–she dressed it down with combat boots and a dress, and then dressed it up with nude booties, and an all white look.

Credit: Candice Swanepoel's Instagram

Credit: Candice Swanepoel’s Instagram

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

3. Pair a pencil skirt with a beanie:

This is a great look because she incorporates a beanie into a fancy look.  She added the beanie to add that cool factor and it works! For this, make sure to have a lot of black–a black beanie, a fitted black skirt and black booties.  The sweater will break up the dark color and give it a nice dimension.  What you get is a sophisticated, tough OOTD or OOTN like Candice.

Candice Swanepoel Beanie Skirt Sweater Booties The Lifestyle Reporter

4. Invest in Capris

Candice looks great in a pair of white capris–pants that stop a few inches above the ankle.  This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe–it’s a classic item that will always be in style.  You can wear it to work, school, on a date, or even make it sexy by pairing it with a crop top.  Try wearing it like Candice, by adding a cream colored sweater and simple stilletos–instantly chic.



5. Pair your Converse Sneakers With a Crop Top

Crop tops are usually reserved for a more sexy look and when Candice paired it with her Converse sneakers, she accomplished that!  Converse sneakers usually makes an outfit look cool but it’s not the typical “sexy” shoe.  The way she paired them with a crop top changes that!  This is such a sexy way of wearing Converse sneakers and it looks so effortless.  If you have sneakers like her, try wearing it like Candice, with a simple crop top and ripped jeans-the results are amazing!

Candice Swanepoel Stella McCartney Bomber Jacket White T Shirt Ripped Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter

6. Wear tights under your Denim Shorts:

Just because the weather cools down doesn’t mean you have to put away your favorite pair of shorts.  Try this style trick from Candice–add some opaque tights under them.  Candice perfectly paired it with an army green jacket and black beanie but my favorite part?  The boots she finished the look of with.  This is a look I will definitely be sporting this fall.

Candice Swanepoel Green Jacket Shorts Tights The Lifestyle Reporter


Which Candice trick is your favorite?  I have to say mine is the tights under shorts idea.  Share your thoughts below!