Product Review: Nars Concealer

Product Review: Nars Concealer

narsI have major dark circles around my eyes…it’s really discolored and sunken in.  I have been on the hunt for a concealer to cover my dark circles for a while because, well no one wants to look like they haven’t slept in a month! 🙂  I tried several different types, including MAC and Makeup Forever–which did cover the discoloration but it didn’t take away that sunken in look.  I looked tired in photos when I used those concealers.  I heard about Nars’ radiant creamy concealer and decided to try it out.

I hurried to Sephora and bought it in Shade 4 (called “Ginger”) and tried it on–immediate coverage!  It makes me look rested, bright eyed and no dark circles!  It took away that sunken look and lasted all day.  I learned that I had to, using the wand, “paint” the concealer under each eye and then let it sit there for about 5-7 minutes without blending yet.  I usually apply it, let it sit to dry a bit and then do my contouring and blush.  Once it’s semi-dry, I use a concealer brush to blend it in.  By leaving it to set for a few minutes, it makes the product more likely to stay on and not just get swiped away when you brush it in.  I used Sephora’s eye concealer brush to blend it in.

Before concealer
Before Nars concealer (lighting is not perfect sorry–no filters)


Once I blend, I go again a second time to make sure I have complete coverage.  I add in a little tiny swipe more on the lower portion of my eye socket once more for safe measure.  I leave it on again for about 5-7 minutes and then blend with my blush.  I have noticed that as the day goes on, sometimes it starts to “wrinkle” a bit and I just have to smooth it out with a finger.  Once I do that, it still looks great!  I am currently looking for a good setting powder for my concealer so if you have have recommendations, please let me know!

This is pretty pricey for a small bottle–I bought it for $29 from Sephora and it lasts about 2-3 months.  The concealer photographs really well and beautifully bounces off light, making your face look pretty darn flawless.  It really brightens the eye area and just makes you look really refreshed.

After putting on the Nars concealer in natural light (no filters, no editing)
After putting on the Nars concealer in natural light (no filters)

Bottom Line:

I would absolutely recommend the Nars radiant creamy concealer, a definite must have!  Use a good concealer brush or a beauty blender to effectively blend in the product, but make sure to leave it on the skin for a few minutes to set before blending.

You can find the product at many stores, but I purchased it from Sephora.  It’s also available on and Nordstrom.


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