Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Miranda Kerr

Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of my favorite models, ever since I read her book, “Treasure Yourself”. The Australian native is such a beauty!  Miranda is not just a model–she’s a author, businesswoman (her company is Kora Organics) and mother.  She has impeccable style and always looks so stylish and chic, even when she’s running errands.  Check out 6 style tricks from Miranda Kerr and how you can dress like the supermodel.

1. Wear All Black and Add Color With Bright Heels

One of the most classic pieces in any girl’s closet is her little black dress, and in this case, Miranda takes that to the next level.  She paired a loose knitted black dress with an oversized blazer.  She brought in a pop of color with her black and bright blue heels.  If you’re in a rush and want to look chic and put together for an evening out or a date, this is your look.  It is so simple to recreate and each piece can wore in many different ways.  The bright heels were the perfect choice for this look, because if she chose black or beige, it would make the look so boring–the color is youthful and fun!

Miranda Kerr Black Blazer Dress Blue and Black Heels Mosel Style

2. Pair Stripes With Animal Print and Denim

Miranda looks casual but oh so stylish is her striped tank, white jeans, chambray top tied around her waist, round sunglasses, Birkin bag, and her leopard print heels. The chambray shirt tied around the waist is a quick way to make a look more casual, while the leopard print heels make it fun! This breezy daytime outfit is so effortlessly cool!

Miranda Kerr Striped Top Denim Chambray Top White Jeans Leopard Model Style

3. Add Thigh High Boots

In the next look, Miranda wore a gray dress, black jacket and thigh high boots.  The thigh high boots make the whole look sexier and perfect for a night out.  The boots make the entire outfit less preppy–a must have for your wardrobe if you want to make the outfit sexy but still super classy.

Miranda Kerr Gray Dress Thigh Highs Model Style

4. Add a Duster Coat and a Pastel Handbag

Miranda decided to wear a white dress with a cream colored duster coat and a baby blue Givenchy bag.  The cream duster coat is an essential piece in your wardrobe because it’s a light jacket that is great for cool summer nights and makes your outfit classy!  The pastel colored bag serves as a pop of color for the white and cream look.  Pastel handbags are great for spring and summer as they are airy and will brighten your look.  A cream bag would have been washed out by the duster coat and heels, so the baby blue color was the perfect choice!

Miranda Kerr White Dress Duster Coat Baby Blue Purse Model Style

5. Choose a White Tee and Add Red Lips

This next look reminds me of a modern Audrey Hepburn.  The sunglasses, white t-shirt and red lips are retro but the leather shorts and bright heels are very modern.  This is a definite edgy look, even though it’s a pretty simple outfit.  The key to this look is the red lips and the bright heels–it makes the black and white more eye catching!

Miranda Kerr White Shirt Black Leather Shorts Red Lips Model Style

6.  Wear Floral Midi Skirts With Black Tanks

Miranda loves to wear patterns, especially florals. This look is timeless– a black tank tucked into a floral midi pencil skirt and black heels. It is such a classy outfit and very easy to recreate.  The key to this look is making sure your floral skirt is longer than your knee but not maxi length–that way you can still see the black heels.

Miranda Kerr Floral Midi Skirt Black Tank Top Model Style


Which Miranda look is your favorite?  I love the floral patterns on her skirts, so I have to say the last outfit!



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