Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Jourdan Dunn

Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Jourdan Dunn

I absolutely adore Jourdan’s style–it is sporty with an urban twist!  She definitely has my favorite model style.  If you’re like me and want to dress similarly like Jourdan, take a look at 6 style tricks to get her supermodel street style.

1) Leather Pants-Jourdan loves her leather and pairs it with a lot of her outfits.  It gives a rock and roll vibe to any top she wears.  Try wearing a leather (or pleather if you want animal friends material) and see how it instantly makes your outfit look cooler.

Jourdan Dunn Dimepiece Jersey The Lifestyle Reporter


2) Denim on Denim: Jourdan paired a light wash chambray top with with dark blue denim and some cute open toed heels.  Make sure to keep the rest of the look simple like Jourdan–she didn’t wear any accessories and put her hair in a ponytail–doing this keeps the look chic and effortless.  And just to make it look more casual, roll up your sleeves and cuff your jeans.

Jourdan Dunn Denim Chambray Top Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter


3) Beanies: Beanies are a great way to take your look and make it more urban inspired.  Here Jourdan is wearing a simple black beanie, but she always wears beanies with words, phrases or graphics as well.  I like this particular look because you can find a simple black beanie anywhere.  Jourdan also paired the look with a loose Brian Lichtenberg sweater and tight leather pants.  Pair your beanie with a similar look–a somewhat baggy sweater and some fitted black pants–trust me, it will look very urban chic!

Jourdan Dunn Homies Brian Lichtenberg Sweater South Central The Lifestyle Reporter


4) Choose Patterned T-Shirts: Jourdan really embraces the casual street look and this outfit is no different.  Try wearing heavily patterned shirts or one with graphics.  Opt for a looser fit and pair it with fitted bottoms.

Jourdan Dunn Black Pants Oversize Tea Patterned The Lifestyle Reporter


5) Very Long Shirts: Jourdan rocked a Rihanna for River Island shirtdress and it looked amazing!  It is very bold look and she owns it!  She wore some leather shorts underneath, along with some combat boots, completing the look.  Try wearing a shirt like this with so shorts underneath–it’s a different look but very fashion forward and chic.Jourdan Dunn Long Shirt Black Shorts The Lifestyle Reporter6) Flat Boots: Jourdan embraces flat boots and it’s a trend I love!  While I do love wearing heeled boots, Jourdan looks great pairing her flat boots with a dress, taking it from girly to tough chic.  This is a good way to wear a dress if you don’t normally wear one or don’t feel comfortable wearing one–just add flat boots and it looks pretty cool.Jourdan Dunn Dress With Boots Summer Fall Look The Lifestyle Reporter'Which one of Jourdan’s looks is your favorite?



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