Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Hailey Baldwin

Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is not only stunning, but she always looks flawless.  Her style has really evolved in the last year, and she usually chooses pieces that are edgy but simple.  Check out 6 style tricks from the very gorgeous Hailey Baldwin!

1. Add Ripped Jeans into your Wardrobe

If there’s one thing that Hailey Baldwin likes to wear, it’s ripped jeans.  Hailey loves wearing ripped denim in many different shades: black, blue, dark blue, light blue, etc.  This is a great look–it immediately edges up any outfit.  You can wear ripped jeans with a simple gray top, a sweater, or a preppy striped shirt–it literally looks good with everything.  Hailey is all about throwing a little edge in her outfit, and the ripped jeans gives that effect to any OOTD.

Hailey Baldwin Ripped White Jeans Gray Shirt Flannel Top The Lifestyle Reporter


Hailey Baldwin Ripped Jeans Coral Sweater Boots


Hailey Baldwin Ripped Jeans Stripes The Lifestyle Reporter

2. Choose a Bold Color

Hailey adds bright pops of color into her day to day wardrobe, and it’s a great way to up any outfit.  Instead of sticking to darks or neutrals, bright colored tops is something Hailey likes to do to, especially with her ripped jeans.  This is a easy way to brighten up your look and not look like everyone else.

Hailey Baldwin Kendall Jenner Ripped Jeans

3. Make Flat Boots a Staple

Instead of reaching for heels and platforms, invest in some great chelsea boots and combat boots.  Hailey’s OOTD’s almost always consist of flat boots, usually black or occasionally a nude colored boot.  If you want to emulate her style, then flat boots are an absolute must!  They look amazing with ripped jeans, leather leggings, denim shorts.

Hailey Baldwin Boots Oversize Sweater The Lifestyle Reporter

Hailey Baldwin Ripped Jeans Combat Boots

4. Wear An All Black Outfit and Add a Color in With a Jacket

This is a great idea for days when you don’t feel like finding an outfit–instead just throw on some black jeans or leggings, and a black top.  Finish off the look with a non-black jacket, like Hailey, who added an olive colored Zara jacket to complete the look.  In the next photo, she added a loose chambray unbuttoned to serve as a jacket.  Both ways look edgy, but the all black beneath the jacket give it a chic factor.

Hailey Baldwin Zara Olive Bomber Jacket Black Jeans Chelsea Boots Shirt The Lifestyle Reporter


Hailey Baldwin All Black Chambray Top The Lifestyle Reporter

5. Pair Dark Lips and Leather

For those days (and nights) where you want to dress up, try wearing dark lips and leather (or pleather).  The dark lips are a perfect way to vamp up any outfit and paired with leggings, definitely gives off a badass vibe.  Next time you want to go out, wear dark lips with leather like Hailey!

Hailey Baldwin Floral Leather Dark Red Lips The Lifestyle Reporter

6. Flannel, Flannel, Flannel!

Flannel is a definite wardrobe staple for Hailey.  She wears it with shorts, around her waist, or just open as a jacket.  Flannel is a great must have because it always looks so effortlessly cool, no matter how you style it.  I like the patterns that Hailey chooses for her flannel, the green and blue tones,as well as red patterns.  Just remember to loosely button the flannel–see how she leaves the last few open–and don’t tuck them into your jeans.

Hailey Baldwin Flannel Shirt Shorts The Lifestyle Reporter


Hailey Baldwin Topshop Flannel Ripped Jeans Choker The Lifestyle Reporter

Hailey Baldwin Flannel Brandy Melville Top The Lifestyle Reporter


Which Hailey style trick are you going to try?  Share below!


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