Kylie Jenner Style 101

Kylie Jenner Style 101

Kylie Jenner is only 17 years old, but she is already a such trendsetter!  She is literally the reason why MAC stores are completely out of whirl, spice and soar–and when I say sold out–I mean company wide sold out.  She also made teal hair look cool!  But, her hair and make up will be another post–today it’s all about Kylie Jenner’s impeccable style. Read on to find out six style tricks from Kylie Jenner!

1. Oversized Shirts

Kylie loves oversized shirts and sweaters.  When choosing pieces, make sure they are one or two sizes bigger–don’t pick something too big.  She wears her oversized tops usually as a dress so if you don’t feel comfortable, put some shorts on underneath.  This look is all about the legs so choose some nice heels or if you want to stay casual, pick combat boots.  If you want it to look more laid back, roll up the sleeves to finish off the look.

Kylie Jenner Oversized Denim Shirt

Kylier Jenner Sports Outfit Boots The Lifestyle Reporter

2. Ripped Denim

Ripped denim is something Kylie almost always wears.  It literally takes any outfit and makes it look edgy.  For a fancier look, try a crop top with your ripped jeans, or if you want to stay casual, a t-shirt and bomber jacket.  If you’re feeling bold, pick a pair of jeans that are really ripped, but if that’s too much, pick something similar to the second pic.

Kylie Jenner Ripped Denim

Kylie Jenner Bomber Jacket Ripped Denim White Shirt Combat Boots

3. Black & White 

Kylie usually wears pieces that are either black or white, or makes her whole outfit one of the colors.  The all black look is something Kylie often does, but if you want to do the same, do like Kylie–make each piece stand out on its own.  She chose a black crop top, a skirt with a slit and fitted jacket.  Same goes for white.  Kylie likes to wear white tees but sometimes she goes for all white, like the photo below.

Kylie Jenner All Black Skirt Crop Top Leather Jacket

Kylie Jenner All White Dress

4. Long Coats

Oversized coats can make your outfit look so elegant and chic.  When Kylie chooses an oversized coat, she likes to make a statement by showing off her legs or abs.  She wears crop tops and shorts when choosing her oversized coats.  This type of coat also looks great with a fitted mini or midi dress.  Keep in mine that you can wear a sexier outfit, i.e. a crop top and skirt, because when you put on the oversized coat, you are definitely more covered so the look is still really classy and fancy.

Kylie Jenner Oversized Gray Coat Shorts Black Top Boots

Kylie Jenner Long Green Jacket Denim White Shirt Boots

Kylie Jenner Crop Top Blue Duster Coat Jeans

5. Lace Up Heels + Boots

Kylie loves her lace up boots, either in the form of thigh highs or heels.  Lace ups shoes are a great way to edge up a simple outfit.  She pairs a crop top, casual shorts and a jacket with a pair of lace up boots, and voila, she looks like a badass.  They are such a statement shoe so make sure you keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple, because you want the lace ups to be the star of the look.

Crop Top Jeans Bomber Thigh Highs Lace Uos

Kylie Jenner All Black High Lace Up Boots Thigh Highs

Kylie Jenner Lace Up Heels Plaid Shirt White Pants Black Crop Top

6. Thigh High Boots

She loves her shoes, especially her thigh highs.  Thigh boots are so sexy and look great with dresses.  Kylie also pairs her thigh highs with shorts or mini skirts.  Like the oversized coat, you can wear you thigh highs with shorter dresses, skirts and boots, because you are covering most of your legs.

Kylie Jenner Thigh High Boots Turtleneck Dress

I personally love Kylie’s style–it’s a little edgy, a little urban and always so classy!  She is such a trendsetter!  Which Kylie look is your favorite?  I love the thigh high boots personally!



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