How To Master The Denim-On-Denim OOTD

How To Master The Denim-On-Denim OOTD

Denim on denim is a great look for anyone who loves denim and how it looks paired together.  What I like about denim on denim is how effortless it looks.  Denim will always be “in” style and pairing two denim pieces is a definite win-win!  Check out three different denim-on-denim looks and how you could be styling your jean pieces:

1. Preppy OOTD

Olivia Palermo always looks so polished and put together, and when she wore all denim, it was preppy perfection.  To recreate this preppy OOTD, pair your jeans with a chambray top–make sure one piece is lighter than the other, you don’t want to wear both in the same wash of denim.  I personally like a darker bottom with a lighter chambray top.  Make sure to tuck the front of the top in and roll up the sleeves.  You don’t have to cuff them as high as Olivia, just make sure you cuff it at whatever length you like.  Add sone simple gold necklaces and some cute flat and sunglasses any you’re ready to go.

Olivia Palermo Blue Chambray Denim Jeans

2. Sexy OOTD

Selena Gomez rocks ripped black jeans with a light wash chambray top and a gray crop top.  This look is perfect when you want to sport an effortless sexy outfit.  You don’t have to choose black jeans, just choose any jeans you have that’s ripped.  Leave the chambray open and make sure to grab a gray crop top–the color is key for this particular look.  Finish it off with aviators and booties!

Selena Gomez Casual Look Ripped Jeans Denim Shirt

3. Casual OOTD:

Candice Swanepoel’s outfit is so cute–high waisted shorts, denim jacket and gray crop top–I absolutely love this look!  Choose any type of denim jacket, as long as it’s a different wash from your shorts.  You can still wear shorts in autumn/winter–just wear tights, leggings, etc underneath.  Candice has done jean shorts over black leggings in the past–as well as fellow model Miranda Kerr.  This is a great outfit for when you are going someone casual and you want to wear something simple but different.  Wear some edgy sunglasses and a simple bangle to finish off the look.

Candice Swanpoel Jeans Gray shirt Denim The Lifestyle Reporter


Which denim-on-denim look is your favorite? Let me know below!



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