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How to Look Sexy in Birkenstocks


I proudly own a pair of black Birkenstocks but when I wear them out, 50% of people tell me how cute they are, and 50% look at me in disgust!  I don’t really care about the Birkenstock haters–why would they dislike something so comfortable?!?!

I do care how I pair my Birkenstocks with clothes–it’s important to keep your outfit balanced when wearing such clunky, comfortable shoes.  When I wear my Birks, the goal is to yes, love what I wear, but also to look chic.

Which brings me to my point–how to look sexy in Birks a la Miranda Kerr.  She looked amazing and sexy the other day while strutting the streets in her Birks.  I love her!  And I love how she paired it!

Her slouchy boyfriend jeans shows off her flat abs, while her sleeveless high neck white top show off her arms.  She pulls the look together with some aviators and a leopard print handbag.

What do you think of this look?

Photo credit: Splash News

Photo credit: Splash News


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