How to Look Chic in Sweatpants and Sneakers

How to Look Chic in Sweatpants and Sneakers

I love feeling comfortable in my clothes and sweatpants and sneakers are the perfect combo to me.  Instead of limping in heels or feeling self-conscious in fitted jeans, my new go to is sneakers and sweats.  It’s entirely possible to look chic in this athletic-inspired combo, but it’s all about how you style it.  Check out three ways to look chic and stylish while wearing sneakers and sweatpants!

1. Choose a Printed Sweatpants and Top Set

Jourdan Dunn wore a pineapple printed sweatsuit set with her Adidas Superstar 2.0 sneakers, an easy stylish combo!  The great thing about this look is that you can have fun with the pattern or print, as long as you keep it consistent with the sweater top and pants. Make sure to roll up the sleeves, just so the look is a little more relaxed and effortless. Her sweatpants and sweater are by Zoe Karssen.  She also designed other sweatpants with crazy patterns, including a bat pattern, as well as stars and palm trees. The Adidas Superstars are the perfect sneakers for the look because they give the outfit an edgy vibe.

Jourdan Dunn Sweatpants Adidas Superstars 2.0 Sneakers Model Style
Photo Credit: Xposure/AKM-GSI 


2. Add a Crop Top and Denim Vest

Candice Swanepoel wore black Nike sweatpants with a white loose crop top and denim vest, finishing off the look with her Adidas Superstars.  This a definitely a more daring look than Jourdan’s, but it’s still casual and relaxed.  The long sleeve white crop top is super loose, which compliments the loose sweatpants.  The whole look works because the top is cropped–revealing her stomach and making the look sexy.  The light wash denim vest is a great way to make the outfit a little less revealing while also adding that effortless vibe.  The sneakers keep the look casual and works perfectly with the color palette she chose.  This look screams effortless cool! Check out these sweatpants at Asos-they look pretty much identical to Candice’s and they’re only $33 USD!

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


3. Tuck in a Simple Loose T-Shirt

Cara Delevingne wore two simple pieces and she looks so stylish!  She chose navy sweatpants and tucked in a gray t-shirt.  She wore gorgeous Chanel high tops and reflective sunglasses to finish off the look.  The key to this look is making sure to tuck in the tee, because if not, it could look a little sloppy–by tucking it in, you’re defining your waist and making it more streamlined.  The white sneakers bring a pop lightness to the mostly dark-colored look.  This is such a easy look to recreate–a simple tee and solid sweatpants! has similar navy blue sweatpants for $30.

Cara Delevingne Sweatpants Sneakers Chanel Model Style

Which look do you like best?  Share your pick below!

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