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#MOTD: Amina Blue’s Soft Pink Makeup Look



Amina Blue’s makeup look is a such great every day look!

The stunning model used pink liner to fill in her full lips and a light brown shadow on her lids.  She also added a touch of the shadow to her bottom lids.

The beauty used liquid liner to draw a subtle flick on her top lids and added several layers of mascara. Amina chose to fill in her brows with the ombre technique – where the inner portion is lighter than the ends.

She wore a bubble gum pink blush with a lot of shimmery highlighter  layered on top to finish off the flawless look.

What do you think of this gorgeous pink makeup look?

Hair Inspired: Taylor Hill’s Half Top Knot


The gorgeous Taylor Hill shows us the best hairdo: the half top knot!  If you’re like me and you don’t like having your hair all the way down, then this is the perfect hairdo for you!

You simply pull back a portion of the top of your head, making sure to leave the sides loose, and twist the potion into a bun.  It’s definitely a nod to the 1990’s grunge era–relaxed but still casual cool.  I’ve seen a lot of bloggers wear this look, because it’s really flattering and so simple.  Make sure to keep it all a little messy–have a few flyaways and stray pieces, so it looks more worn in.  Check out Taylor Hill’s half top knot below!

Taylor Hill Top Knot Bun Hairstyles Fun Hair Looks Nineties Grunge Hair Ideas


Taylor Hill Half Top Knot Bun Hair Style Hairstyle Nineties Grunge Style Hair Inspiration

What do you think of the half top knot?  Let me know below!




June Beauty Favorites


My top five beauty products from June are a mix of hair, skin and makeup items.  Read on to find what I loved as well as where to purchase them!

1. NYX Cosmetics HD Foundation

NYX Cosmetics HD Foundation

For the past year or so, I used Bobbi Brown stick foundation, which I loved.  What I didn’t love was the price tag.  One stick cost $44 and lasted about 5-6 weeks if I was careful. I decided to find a new foundation that was way more affordable. I follow @msirsah on instagram (she’s amazing, make sure to check her page out) and she mentioned the NYX Cosmetics HD liquid foundation.  I decided to take a leap and buy one and test it out.  I went to Ulta and chose the color “sand beige.”  The foundation retails for $18, but I used a coupon and got it for $13.  I am in love with this foundation!  It is dewy, which I wanted, and long lasting if I use a powder on top.  You have to powder on top or the foundation won’t stay on the skin.  I can layer the foundation for extra coverage and it looks great.  I would absolutely recommend this foundation and if you don’t want to pay $18 for a drug store foundation, shop at CVS or Ulta and use a coupon (if you sign up for emails or their points card, you get coupons).

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder is my favorite product in my makeup bag.  It’s literally magic.  I love thick brows and I as a kid, I took that for granted.  As I got older, I noticed that my brows don’t really grow and that’s where brow powder comes in.  I use the dark brown (Brunette) to fill in my brows as well as lengthen the front end of them.  I use Anastasia’s brow brush #12 ($18) and using the lighter color of the duo, carefully draw the tips of my brow (above my nose)–this gives the illusion of fuller brows. The powder lasts all day, as well as during a sweaty session at the gym.  I’ve tried the brow wiz and the dipbrow pomade from her line as well–both of which work great.  I prefer the powder because it’s easier for me to apply and it looks natural. You can purchase the brow powder for $23 at Sephora/; the brow powder has two shades, one lighter and one darker.  There are 11 shades in the line.

As a side note: When I was blond, instead of dying my brows lighter, I decided to just use a blond colored brow product instead.  I thought that my brows would get ruined by dye so instead, I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in blonde and painted over my brows to make them look lighter.

3. Tarte Maracuja Oil

Tarte Maracuja Oil

I got a mini bottle of this and fell in love with it!  It’s a treatment oil that you put on your face and neck at night.  A little bit goes a long way for this product, which actually brightens, moisturizes and smoothes skin.  I did not break out at all and the next day, my skin felt smoother and less splotchy.  I also felt like it faded redness which is a major issue for me.  I like to put it on my forehead and neck especially to prevent wrinkles and keeps it moisturized.  When the mini bottle is done, I will definitely be purchasing this product again.  The Tarte Maracuja Oil comes in a .5 oz bottle ($15), a .6 oz rollerball ($17), a 1.7 oz bottle ($48), and and a 3.4 oz bottle ($75) at Sephora and

4. Marrakesh Oil Products, including the Marrakesh Nourish Shampoo, Hydrate Conditioner, Marrakesh X, Marrakesh Endz and Marrakesh Oil

Marrakesh Oil Hair Care Products vegan

My hair became extremely damaged after going blond last year so I decided to go for gentle, moisturizing products and found Marrakesh Oil products. I love how these products are vegan and cruelty free.  There are no animal ingredients, no animal testing, no sulfates, no parabans, no phalates, etc.  They have Argan and Hemp oil so they are extremely nourishing. The nourish shampoo ($13.99) and hydrate conditioner ($15.99) are gentle on color treated hair and afterwards, my hair feels good.   I used the Marrakesh X ($15.99) immediately after I get out the shower and brush it into my hair.  That product is a detangler and really helps with frizz control and adds moisture.  Next, I use the Marrakesh Endz ($17.99 for 4 oz), which is a cream you put on your ends (for split ends).  I like to use the Marrakesh Oil ($22.99) after I wake up in the morning and want to put some moisture and shine into my hair.  You can either order the products online or use their salon locator to find a vendor located near you.

5. Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide

Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide

This product is essential in my hair routine.  I put a small amount into my hair and brush it in before I blow dry it.  My hair becomes visibly shinier, softer and way less frizzy.  It also protects your hair from hot irons and hair dryers. The key is not putting too much or else your hair can turn oily.  Always, always dry your hair with a blow dryer after putting this product in your hair. I don’t recommend using this before straightening or curling it because then you start making your hair really oil.  It really works amazing when you want to blow dry your hair. It also has a nice scent. In the summertime, my hair can become frizzy so anything that combats that, I love.  One bottle lasts a long time and definitely worth the price. It’s on sale on Amazon for $16 right now.



Makeup Inspired: Pink Lips


I am in love with pink lips! It’s so feminine, soft and looks so pretty. As you can see, you can have many different makeup looks with pink lips, simply by the shade of eyeshadow.  Check out 4 different ways on what to pair with pink lips.

Gigi Hadid is pictured above getting her makeup done for the 2015 Met Gala by makeup artist Patrick Ta.  The pink lips are paired with shimmery cream colored eyeshadow and heavy liner.  Her sockets are darkened with some light brown shadow and finished off with rosy cheeks.  The look is is really shimmery and gold. Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture in Color 11 (Rose Carnation) is similar to Gigi’s lip color.

Cara Delevingne Pink Lips Brown Eyeshadow Makeup Inspired Style

Cara Delevingne’s makeup look with pink lips is is all about the browns.  She’s wearing heavy brown eyeshadow that’s brought out past the socket.  Her eyes are rimmed with a brownish gold pencil on the bottom while rimmed with black on the top.  There’s also a lot of bronzer used in this makeup up look, as well as blush. Try Nars Lipstick in Roman Holiday.

The next look is for Erin Fetherston’s F/W’15 show and probably one of my favorite looks so far.  Not only is she wearing pink lipstick, she has pink eyeshadow.  Her cat eyes is extremely pronounced, which perfectly balances the pink eyeshadow. The bottom rim has some brown eyeshadow as well.  Marc Jacobs has a similar color: Color 102 (Strange Magic).

Kylie Jenner Cannes Pink Lips Makeup Inspired

Kylie Jenner wore this pretty look while in Cannes in June 2015.  She opted for a matte nude pink lip and a lot of eyeliner.  She’s wearing a neutral eyeshadow but honestly, this look is all about the lashes.  She’s wearing a nice set of false lashes to elevate the look, and to balance the heavy top half, she’s wearing brownish-bronze eyeliner beneath the bottom lashes. NYX Cosmetics has a similar color, called Peekaboo Neutral (SPL 860).

Product Review: Nars Concealer


narsI have major dark circles around my eyes…it’s really discolored and sunken in.  I have been on the hunt for a concealer to cover my dark circles for a while because, well no one wants to look like they haven’t slept in a month! 🙂  I tried several different types, including MAC and Makeup Forever–which did cover the discoloration but it didn’t take away that sunken in look.  I looked tired in photos when I used those concealers.  I heard about Nars’ radiant creamy concealer and decided to try it out.

I hurried to Sephora and bought it in Shade 4 (called “Ginger”) and tried it on–immediate coverage!  It makes me look rested, bright eyed and no dark circles!  It took away that sunken look and lasted all day.  I learned that I had to, using the wand, “paint” the concealer under each eye and then let it sit there for about 5-7 minutes without blending yet.  I usually apply it, let it sit to dry a bit and then do my contouring and blush.  Once it’s semi-dry, I use a concealer brush to blend it in.  By leaving it to set for a few minutes, it makes the product more likely to stay on and not just get swiped away when you brush it in.  I used Sephora’s eye concealer brush to blend it in.

Before concealer

Before Nars concealer (lighting is not perfect sorry–no filters)


Once I blend, I go again a second time to make sure I have complete coverage.  I add in a little tiny swipe more on the lower portion of my eye socket once more for safe measure.  I leave it on again for about 5-7 minutes and then blend with my blush.  I have noticed that as the day goes on, sometimes it starts to “wrinkle” a bit and I just have to smooth it out with a finger.  Once I do that, it still looks great!  I am currently looking for a good setting powder for my concealer so if you have have recommendations, please let me know!

This is pretty pricey for a small bottle–I bought it for $29 from Sephora and it lasts about 2-3 months.  The concealer photographs really well and beautifully bounces off light, making your face look pretty darn flawless.  It really brightens the eye area and just makes you look really refreshed.

After putting on the Nars concealer in natural light (no filters, no editing)

After putting on the Nars concealer in natural light (no filters)

Bottom Line:

I would absolutely recommend the Nars radiant creamy concealer, a definite must have!  Use a good concealer brush or a beauty blender to effectively blend in the product, but make sure to leave it on the skin for a few minutes to set before blending.

You can find the product at many stores, but I purchased it from Sephora.  It’s also available on and Nordstrom.


Kendall Jenner Rocks Bright Colors in New Estee Lauder Campaign


Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder Correuges MakeupKendall Jenner is looking gorge in her new campaign for Estee Lauder.  The cosmetics company teamed up for a collabo with Courreges for a 12 piece collection, including bright colored lip glosses, eye shadows, and tools. Courreges is a French fashion company, founded in the 1960s.  This new collection takes inspiration from the label’s fun take on fashion.

Check out the video below for the new campaign with Kendall Jenner!

If you’re digging her makeup, you can purchase the Estee Lauder pieces on their website,  She is wearing the Super Gloss in Rosy Future ($26) and the Eye Glide Pencil in Silver Streak ($22).

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January Beauty Favorites


Hi Lifestylers!  Here are my five favorite beauty products that I’ve been loving in January.  Make sure to comment below and tell me your beauty faves! XOXO Sarah!

1. NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner

NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner The Lifestyle Reporter

I recently bought my first NYX Cosmetics lip liner and I have to say, it lasts a long time, and the color was absolutely gorgeous.  It cost me only $3.49!  I love their brown tone colors, including “Natural,” “Peek-a-boo Natural” and “Mauve.”  It’s also a cruelty free item so definitely something I will buy again in the future.  There are so many pretty colors, and soo much cheaper than MAC!  You can still get the Kylie Jenner lip colors for a fraction of the cost!

2. OPI Matte Top Coat

OPI Matte Top Coat The Lifestyle Reporter

I love matte nails and OPI’s matte top coat does the job!  Simply paint your nails any color you like, let it dry, and then paint one to two coats with the matte top coat.  My favorite thing to do is paint my nails matte black!  The matte top coat usually lasts about 1 to 2 weeks depending on how careful I am!!  It costs $9.50 at Ulta.

3. KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray

KMS California Hair Play Makeover Spray The Lifestyle Reporter

The KMS Dry Shampoo has a yummy scent and it gives your hair amazing volume!  You just spray it in your hair and it’s not hard to brush it into your hair.  It’s also not too expensive and lasts a while.  This is a great product if you have oily hair or if you just want to have more volume.  It can be purchased at Ulta for $19.99 (for a 6.7 oz. bottle)

4. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream

While in Utah, this lotion was an absolute lifesaver!  By the end of the day, my hands were always so dry and cracking.  At bedtime I would put this lotion on, and by morning, my hands were so smooth! It also smells great–like apricots and vanilla.  I’ve had mine for over a year and it still does the job.  I throw it in my purse and use when my hands are super dry.  It can be purchased at Sephora for $22 USD (but currently out of stock 🙁 ).

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Sugar Rosé 

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 Rose Tint Lip Balm The Lifestyle Reporter

This stuff works wonders on chapped lips! It makes my lips silky soft!!  I like to put it on at bedtime because when I wake up, my lips become so soft and its makes putting on lip liner a lot easier.  I love this color, the red tint, if you just want to wear a red look out but don’t want to commit to red lipstick.  It also has SPF which is very important!!  It’s pricey–$22.50 for one, but they do last a long time.

The Simplest Hair Style For Autumn/Winter!


Ever since I cut my hair short, I’ve been dreaming of longer hair and being able to braid it without short pieces poking out.  Instead of having hair in a ponytail, the cutest style is braiding it.  It’s simple and so feminine–perfect for when you’re wearing scarves, a turtleneck, even a t-shirt and jacket. I love the loose whimsical type braid, as well as the tighter braid, like Megan Fox below.  So next time you’re having a bad hair day, or you just want your hair to be back but not in a ponytail, try one of the bottom two braids–so chic and so easy!

Which one is your favorite?

Hair Inspo Braids Lace The Lifestyle ReporterMegan Fox Braid