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The Simplest Hair Style For Autumn/Winter!


Ever since I cut my hair short, I’ve been dreaming of longer hair and being able to braid it without short pieces poking out.  Instead of having hair in a ponytail, the cutest style is braiding it.  It’s simple and so feminine–perfect for when you’re wearing scarves, a turtleneck, even a t-shirt and jacket. I love the loose whimsical type braid, as well as the tighter braid, like Megan Fox below.  So next time you’re having a bad hair day, or you just want your hair to be back but not in a ponytail, try one of the bottom two braids–so chic and so easy!

Which one is your favorite?

Hair Inspo Braids Lace The Lifestyle ReporterMegan Fox Braid

How To Master The Denim-On-Denim OOTD


Denim on denim is a great look for anyone who loves denim and how it looks paired together.  What I like about denim on denim is how effortless it looks.  Denim will always be “in” style and pairing two denim pieces is a definite win-win!  Check out three different denim-on-denim looks and how you could be styling your jean pieces:

1. Preppy OOTD

Olivia Palermo always looks so polished and put together, and when she wore all denim, it was preppy perfection.  To recreate this preppy OOTD, pair your jeans with a chambray top–make sure one piece is lighter than the other, you don’t want to wear both in the same wash of denim.  I personally like a darker bottom with a lighter chambray top.  Make sure to tuck the front of the top in and roll up the sleeves.  You don’t have to cuff them as high as Olivia, just make sure you cuff it at whatever length you like.  Add sone simple gold necklaces and some cute flat and sunglasses any you’re ready to go.

Olivia Palermo Blue Chambray Denim Jeans

2. Sexy OOTD

Selena Gomez rocks ripped black jeans with a light wash chambray top and a gray crop top.  This look is perfect when you want to sport an effortless sexy outfit.  You don’t have to choose black jeans, just choose any jeans you have that’s ripped.  Leave the chambray open and make sure to grab a gray crop top–the color is key for this particular look.  Finish it off with aviators and booties!

Selena Gomez Casual Look Ripped Jeans Denim Shirt

3. Casual OOTD:

Candice Swanepoel’s outfit is so cute–high waisted shorts, denim jacket and gray crop top–I absolutely love this look!  Choose any type of denim jacket, as long as it’s a different wash from your shorts.  You can still wear shorts in autumn/winter–just wear tights, leggings, etc underneath.  Candice has done jean shorts over black leggings in the past–as well as fellow model Miranda Kerr.  This is a great outfit for when you are going someone casual and you want to wear something simple but different.  Wear some edgy sunglasses and a simple bangle to finish off the look.

Candice Swanpoel Jeans Gray shirt Denim The Lifestyle Reporter


Which denim-on-denim look is your favorite? Let me know below!



The Best Way to Change Your Hair For Fall/Winter!


When the season starts changing from hot to cold, I always have the desire to change my hair.  For some reason, for me, the two things go hand in hand.  If you’re like me and you don’t want to cut or color your hair, the best way to change your hair for fall and winter is to get bangs!

You can get bangs cut above the brows like Lily Aldridge on the cover of S Moda magazine, or you can get longer bangers that hit you below the eye, like Rihanna.  Rihanna also rocked the shorter bangs like Lily a couple of years ago when she was a blonde and it looked amazing!  While I like both looks a lot, I really love Rihanna’s because you don’t have to fully commit to bangs–if you feel like having bangs, you can have them showing, but if not, tuck behind the ears and no one would know.

Lily Aldridge Bangs

Rihanna Scandal Guest Star

Close Up of Rihanna Bangs Mac Event

Rihanna Blonde Bangs DoSo if you have that need to change up your look, take the leap and get bangs! Trust me, you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

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How to Dress Casual Chic This Fall


I love the changing weather, and the temperature cool down that comes with it.  If you want to look chic but comfortable this fall, keep reading to find out how to do this with style!

1.Choose Harem Pants

There’s something about harem pants–it always makes an outfit look so chic.  Harem pants look flattering on all body shapes if you choose the best one for you. Harem pants should hit you above the belly button, which is the smallest part of your waist and therefore, really flattering.  Kate Beckinsale has the perfect comfy chic outfit–she paired some gorgeous gray harem pants with a white cardigan, and a gray scarf.  She chose some pink heels as a nice pop of color.

Kate Beckinsale Casual Gray Harem Pants White Shirt Scarf Pink Heels

2. Pair Black and Gray

This is easily one of my favorite pairings for fall.  Black is such a classic color, and it just looks so chic when you wear all black.  Pair it with a warm gray coat and voila, a quick and chic look for fall.  The gray colored tailored coat is a great way to break up the black and brighten the look.  It’s also a key staple color for fall–gray is one of my favorite colors (besides black of course).  Jessica Alba nailed this combo in the below photo–she chose ripped jeans and flat boots, which looks so effortless!  Her every day style is all about comfort, but as you can see, comfort doesn’t mean unflattering and boring–she looks amazing and stylish!

Jessica Alba Black Shirt Ripped Jeans Gray Sweater Combat Boots

3. Button Up Your Coat and Wear It As A Top

Style your coat as a top, like Kendall Jenner does below.  Button it up all the way and make sure if you’re wearing an undershirt to keep warm that it doesn’t show.  She added some leggings and over the knee beige boots–the result is a stylish but edgy look. It’s still casual, because of the buttoned up coat.  To make it more casual, don’t wear red lips (unless you want to of course) and keep the lips a nice nude color.

Kendall Jenner Black Tailored Coat Leather Leggings Beige Boots


Which one is your favorite look?  Share your thoughts below!

5 Items You Need In Your Closet This Fall


I love fall because it makes me think of the holidays, hot chocolate and Christmas films :).  Butit also makes me think of changing up my outfit for the cooler weather.  Now that it’s November, it’s time to  update the closet, and here are the top five items that need to be there ASAP!

1. Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Top

I know the title is a mouthful but the hottest top for fall is a sleeveless high neck sweater crop top.  I’ve been seeing this specific look pop up at several stores. I love these Chanel ones below but if you’re like me and on a budget, check out what I found for only $17.90 at Forever 21.  This type of top is great paired with a fitted skirt or high waisted denim.

Sleeveless High Neck Sweater Crop Tops Chanel

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

Forever 21//Open-Knit Racerback Crop Top//$17.90

2. Chokers

Chokers are a simple way to jazz up an outfit and it can make any look chic and badass.  It’s also very versatile.  Miranda Kerr wore a gold choker with just jeans and a t-shirt, but it add a very high-fashion element.  On the other hand, Rihanna chose a silver choker to give her outfit a more edgy touch, and it works. This is something that will always be in style!

Miranda Kerr Simple White T Shirt Black Lace Bra Black Jeans Boots Hermes Birkin Bag Purse Gold Choker Necklace The Lifestyle ReporterRihanna Choker 3. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are hot and they look so freakin cool!  This is a definite must have–it gives you an edgy vibe, no matter what you pair with it.  You could wear ripped jeans with a blouse and blazer and it still gives off that cool vibe.  I like how Kylie Jenner styled her ripped jeans below–with a silky tank.  When purchasing ripped jeans, remember you don’t have to choose a really ripped denim like Kylie, it can be only minimally ripped, i.e. at the knees.  Just choose one that you feel comfortable in and have fun styling them!

Kylie Jenner Ripped Jeans The Lifestyle Reporter 4. Bodysuits

Kim Kardashian is the queen of bodysuits and this is a trend worth trying! A bodysuit is a great way to not only look slimmer, but it is very form flattering for all different body shapes. Bodysuits can come in a variety of styles—there’s the lace/mesh ones, or the turtleneck bodysuits that cover your neck and arms. Bodysuits are a great investment item because there are many different ways of wearing them—with jeans, a pencil skirt or trousers.   If you are hesitant to purchase one, try getting a simple black bodysuit. Forever 21 has a great one for only $7.80!! American Apparel and Nasty Gal has some great choices for bodysuits.

Kim Kardashian pink bodysuit nude skirt the lifestyle reporter

Kim Kardashian white long sleeve bodysuit jeans the lifestyle reporter

5) Faux Fur Coats and Vests

Faux fur coats and vests are THE pieces to add to your closet.  Not only are faux furs cruelty free, they will keep you warm in the colder months.  You can get them in many different cuts and patterns but the great thing about faux fur coats/vests is that they go with everything.  Lily Collins wore a faux fur minkpink coat and it looks amazing!  Try a black or white faux fur, but, if you’re feeling bold, I would suggest a faux fur leopard print coat–they are gorgeous!!  I love the faux fur coats/vests at Missguided so be sure to check them out.

Lily Collins Faux Fur Coat Minkpink The Lifestyle Reporter

Which item is your favorite for fall/winter?  Share your thoughts below!






Model Style: 6 Style Tricks From Kendall Jenner


In honor of Kendall Jenner’s 19th birthday (on November 3rd), I thought it would be the perfect time to focus on her amazing style!  As a model, she can wear pretty much anything and it looks good, but these 6 style tricks can work on any body shape, type, etc! Her style is definitely more classic than her sisters, but still sexy! Take a look below for 6 style tricks from Kendall Jenner:

1.  Pair Cropped Sweaters With Asymmetrical Skirts

Kendall perfectly pairs a cropped sweater with an asymetical skirt, giving the outfit some great dimension.  Her arms are covered but the legs and stomach are shown, which is the perfect balance.  The great thing about this look is that only a sliver of your stomach shows, but that is still really sexy.  Play with colors like Kendall–choose a oxblood or yellow cropped sweater and add a unique looking skirt.  Trust me, this will be your new signature fall look for nights out or even a date night.  You’re wearing a sweater, so it will keep you (somewhat) warm!

cropped turtleneck asymetrical skirt kendall jenner

oxblood cropped sweater asymetrical skirt black pumps the lifestyle reporter

2. Wear Thigh High Boots

If you don’t want to show a lot of skin, but still look sexy, well, you need to invest in a great pair of thigh high boots!  It is a great addition to any girl’s closet and literally makes any look sexier.  While she keeps the color palette simple with a black blouse, pants and purse, the cream colored thigh highs take this look to a whole other level!

kendall jenner thigh highs all black the lifestyle reporter

3. Choose Sheer Tops

Kendall is a big fan of sheer tops but she always keeps it classy and chic.  The key to this look is what you pair the sheer top with.  In both of the photos below, she pretty much wears a bra or bralette and a sheer top, but her pants are what keep this look classy.  For the first outfit, she is wearing high waisted black trousers that cover even her belly button.  Not only is this flattering for a lot of different body types, but it is not too revealing.  Try pairing some work-type trousers to your sheer top and bra, and voila a sexy night look.  In the second photo, she shows some stomach, but her pants are loose joggers and this gives the look a perfect balance of sexy and sporty!

kendall jenner sheer top high waisted trousers

kendall jenner sheer top joggers 4. Add Pops of Color Through Bold Accessories and Makeup

Kendall loves adding pops of color through her accessories and makeup. Her everyday makeup is usually a natural look, but if she wants to spice up her outfit, she adds the red lip.  The textured sweater and leather pants are gorgeous but adding the red nails and lips changes the look to sexy.  Having bold lips and nails is a simple and quick way to make any outfit sexier.  If you want to be bold but not quite ready to wear red lips, try doing what Kendall does in the second photo–using accessories for a pop of color.  She is wearing a jeans and t-shirt, which, yes is classic, but it can also seem boring.  She added green Ray Ban aviators and a orange handbag–this makes the outfit fun and youthful!

kendall jenner red lips sweater leather pants the lifestyle reporter

kendall jenner heans t shirt red celine purse green aviators

5. Stripes! Stripes! Stripes!

Stripes are so cute-it really is a timeless pattern.  Kendall sure likes stripes as well, and as you can see, she wore a striped black and white sweater dress while out and about.  Stripes can be tricky–like Kendall, make sure you make the stripes the star of the show, and add simple accessories. She perfectly paired it with flat shoes, a black over the shoulder bag, and simple sunnies.   This makes a great daytime look.  Yes, you can add bold accesories if you want, but this look is all about effortless and casual–and wearing stripes with bright colors is distracting.  Kendall likes classic looks and this is one of them!

kendall jenner striped sweater dress flat shoes

6. All Black Everything

When in doubt, wear all black like Kendall.  Kendall is frequently seen in an all black get up and I can definitely see why.  It’s the fastest way to dress and still look chic and put together.  If you have only minutes to get out of the house, grab all black pieces like Kendall–it looks amazing!  This will never go out of style and Kendall knows that the key to this look is to make sure the whole look is more on the fitted side. She wears skinny jeans and tops that are not very loose–it makes the look more put together.  If you’re not comfortable wearing fitted tops and bottoms, just choose pants that are on the more fitted side and you can wear a looser top, as long as you keep the color palette to black.

Rockstar Blackkendall jenner all black everything

What’s your favorite Kendall Jenner style trick?  Share your thoughts below!